I haven’t written in awhile, no poems, no article no nothing for the past 2 years. not because I cant, but because I told myself that I lost the motivation in me. for TWO FUCKING years, my emotion went unexpressed because my thoughts were so caught up in the fucked up analogy that I needed an external […]

Dear future me.

Dear future me,  Does it get any better?  Does the pain go away?  Or is it here to stay? Does my heart learn to love again? Or broken is what it’s always going to be? Does she come back to these warm arms of mine?  Or is she being embraced by another? Dear future me, […]

My empty shell.

Love was just a word, Till you gave it meaning. I was just a shell, Till you came and filled me up. Now that you are gone, Am here bleeding, Lying here broken. Trying to find enough reason, To continue living. Am now a lost soul, Like I ones was.

I Must Seem Crazy

i must seem crazy. i keep thinking. i keep having many thoughts. they try me. i’m fighting hard. i must seem crazy. i must seem crazy. i’m usually happy, usually bouncing around. always… Source: I Must Seem Crazy

Love me again 

Lord, Deliver me from this evil thoughts of loosing her, This empty space between us, The doubt that corrupts my mind, Filling me with the emptiness of loss and making me feel like am alone, Like I don’t have her anymore. She is my life, she always will be. She rules my world, forever my […]

The light that stings.

Confronted you in the name of seeking closure But all I got was alot more less than feeling you closer. Came with my tender fragile heart, Filled with emotions and beating for you, But walked away a cold hearted man. Drained the life from it and left me hopeless. You ignite my world like no-one […]

Before I met you 

Before I met you, I thought I was happy and I was, but I had never known the rich contentment, deep satisfaction, and total fulfillment you brought to me when you came into my life. Happiness beyond measure and I couldn’t trade it for the world, Before I met you, I felt a lot of […]

Miss me? 😊

​I can feel it in her voice,  can tell by the way she breaths  But nothing matches the way she says it,  Tell me!  Tell me please!  Tell me how much you miss me.  Calm this awoken demon,  Brought by the loneliness l feel.  Bring light to this darkness within.